Habitat for Humanity of the Indian Wells Valley
Ridgecrest, California

Camplighters Support Habitat for Humanity IWV

The Camplighters have provided many highly skilled volunteer hours to Habitat for Humanity IWV over many years. Thank you Camplighters!!! The Camplighters are a Southern California Christian organization that enjoy camping, fellowship, and making the world a better place to live. Chapters include Malibu, Twin Peaks, Santa Clarita, Landera Ranch and Fallbrook. Visitors include Chuck and Barbara Wolfe, Tom and Mary Walter, Don and Dorothy Sheldrake, Bill and Judy McGee, Pete and Patty Louchheim, and Dick and Joyce Holdsworth. You can visit the Camplighters web site by clicking on Listed below are some of the great projects Camplighters have helped with:

April 2010 Visit
During their visit, the Camplighters rehabbed the W. Boston house. The house was being fixed for the second partner family and after rehab, the house looked new again. For more information, visit the Jarrod and Kristy's web page at W. Boston.

October 2009 Visit
The 2009 Camplighters Habitat Team consisted of Mary & Tom Waller and Dick & Joyce Holdsworth as first timers; and returnees Peter & Patty Louchheim, Don & Dorothy Sheldrake, Bill & Judy McGee and Chuck & Barbara Wolfe and this team truly lived up to the name I gave it, The Terrific Twelve! We worked at two locations, a house nearly completed on W. Oregon St. and a house on W. Boston St. that needed refurbishing. To learn more, visit W. Oregon St. and W. Boston St. In 2004 Chuck and Betty Wolfe worked on 1013 W. Boston St house with the RV-Care-a-Vanners. It is dedicated people like Chuck and Betty that make Habitat the success it is!

October, 2008
Under the leadership of Chuck and Barbara Wolfe, 14 enthusiastic volunteers generously donate their time and energy to help build the Boston home. Help included exterior painting, wallboard installation, and roofing. For more information, visit Darrell and families web page at Boston.

October 22 to 26, 2007
Eighty to one hundred mile per hour winds, hard rain and wildfires were just a few of the challenges for this years brave and hardworking Camplighters on their trek to Ridgecrest. Houses under construction include W. Oregon Ave., W. and two W. Boston St. homes. Peter and Patty were the first arrivers and participated in a wall raising event that Monday morning. A lot of time was spent working concrete, framing, and roofing. Camplighters also included Chuck & Barbara, Leroy & Sandy, and Phil & Cheryl. Thank you to Christine, Tris & Carolyn, Bill & Judy, and Don & Dorothy who started out for Ridgecrest and had to turn back due to weather and fire.

October, 2006

October, 2005

October, 2004
In 2004 Chuck and Betty Wolfe worked on 1013 W. Boston St house.