Habitat for Humanity of the Indian Wells Valley
Ridgecrest, California

Thank You Community Churches for Supporting Habitat

Churches account for much of the support to Habitat through leadership, volunteer labor and financial support. A big thank you! Although volunteers and partner families do not have to be Christian, Habitat embraces and operates using Christian values.

All Faith Chapel

Visit the All Faith Chapel website at: All Faith Chapel to learn more.

United Methodist Church

As part of the Lois Landrum Memorial, the church raised enough money to build a Habitat home for Kristene and family. For more information, visit web page Kristene and Family. Under the leadership of people like Pastor Ed Jayne, Pastor Rich LaShure, John Anderson, and Louise Tankersly the church raised the funds in three short years starting in 2007. Additional help came from the Church of Christ. Church members also provide quilts for all partner families. For more information visit the web site at United Methodist Church

Immanuel Baptist Church

Immanuel has supported our local Habitat work in a big way. Many church members have supported Habitat by providing leadership, labor and money. Immanuel provides office space for the Habitat office located at 1201 N. China Lake Blvd.. The church raised a significant amount of money to remodel the Habitat house located on Graaf Street. John Gilliland lead that effort. Pastor Bill Logan and Pastor Glen Paden provided church leadership for this effort. For more information, visit web page Collette and Family. For more information about the church, visit web site Immanuel Baptist Church.

Grace Lutheran Church

Grace Lutheran Church plays a significant role in supporting Habitat. Over the years they provided money and church members donated many hours over a 10 year period. They built the house at 432 S. Gateway Blvd.. Steve Lyda, with a strong background in construction and project management, lead the effort. Pastor Mark Rowland continues to play a leadership role in important community work. To learn more about the projects, visit or Gateway House. To learn more about the church, visit web site Grace Lutheran Church.

Crossroads Community Church

Crossroads Community Church played a significant role in supporting Habitat. They played a major role supporting the Blitz Build. They have provided meals and construction support. Pastor Bill Corley continues to provide leadership for this important work. To learn more, visit web site Crossroads.

St. Michael's Anglican Church

St. Michael's Anglican Church has helped Habitat with volunteer and financial support for many years. Frank Buffum, one of the church’s younger volunteers (a little over 75), had the following things to say about his church’s support. I work over at the Habitat site on Saturday mornings (and some flex Fridays) – try to do at least 4 hours of community volunteer work a week.

  1. I help with various jobs - inside and out. We have good leadership that keeps us all busy.
  2. I enjoy working there with old friends - seems to be a retirement activity for several China Lake Rescue Group members.
  3. I like that “will work for food” – great snacks and lunches are frequently provided by a number of other local churchs.
  4. We always welcome new comers - regardless of skill level. Lots of jobs. If they know more than us, we can learn from them. If not, they can work with us. Everyone can be of help and learn. From teens on up. It is fun to be doing something so constructive and permanent in our local community. I am finishing my forth house now.
St. Michael’s Compass Rose fund has supported Habitat financially. For more information, visit web site St. Michael's Anglican Church.

Saint Ann Roman Catholic Church

Saint Ann has helped Habitat with food service for volunteers for many years. Reverend Fr. Paul A. Kado provides valuable leadership. For more information, visit web site Saint Ann Roman Catholic Church.

Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church

The Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church is actively involved in supporting Habitat financially and with much needed volunteer work. Pastor Ralph Mueller provides leadership for this worthwhile work. Visit the church web site by clicking on Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church.

Victory Baptist Church

The Victory Baptist Church has supported Habitat IWV for many years. Visit the church web site by clicking on Victory Baptist Church.

Church of Christ

Visit the Church of Christ website at: Church of Christ to learn more.