Habitat for Humanity of the Indian Wells Valley
Ridgecrest, California


The Indian Wells Valley has been blessed with so many volunteers and donors helping to build affordable decent housing for partner families. The resources and volunteer hours have come from people living both in and out of the Indian Wells Valley. The process of building houses also builds character for all that participate. Habitat has provided the necessary structure to make it all work. Read on and watch the videos to learn what many partner families have said about this most important community work.

Partner Families

Partner Family Kathleen and Family, Dedicated September 2005

The home of Kathleen, JR and family was dedicated on 9/2/2005. Congratulations to this family and all the volunteers who worked on this building project.

Partner Family Collette and Family, Dedicated August, 2003

The home of Collette, Mike, and family was dedicated on 8/18/2003.

Logan Bachinski Essay Contest (2008)

Having a Habitat for Humanity home means the world to me. About three years ago me, my sister and my mother were homeless. My mother has an illness called lupus. It makes her unable to work. She has taken care of us through all the ups and downs in our lives. I love her so much!

We were accepted into the Habitat program about two years ago. We were so excited that Habitat for Humanity IWV chose us. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed us so much. Because I have always had to share my room with my sister but now I can have my own room! I cannot wait until they build our house in June so that we could have a new life and I hope you know that we thank you so much for giving us a place to live.

Some people think getting a Habitat home is easy and free. This is not true at all! My mama, sister, and I have worked very, very hard in getting our hours to receive our wonderful home. My sister and I kept up our grades for the past two years in order to help our mama get enough hours to get our home. God has watched over all of us and made sure my mama hasn't gotten too sick to where she can't live and be able to take care of us. The Habitat people have been very generous in helping my mama get in our hours without having to go work in the sun. The people at Habitat always made sure there was a tarp or something to keep her out of the sun because it could hurt her real bad. She has sacrificed so many things in order to get the house of our dreams.

Waiting two years has been really difficult. God has provided a way for us to get our house during a "blitz build" and now we will have our house built by volunteers in one week. I cannot wait to get into our house. It is going to be so much fun and I am so very thankful to the Lord and to the Habitat family for helping us make it this far. My future is bright, and knowing I don't have to worry about having a place to live ever again takes a lot of worry out of my mind. Now I can focus on my grades and my dream of being a policeman when I grow up.

Thank you to everyone who have helped my family in getting our home. It is a new beginning for the three of us and this home is a blessing straight from God himself. I am forever thankful for such a neat house! God bless you all!

Logan Bachinski
(Logan Bachinski won 2nd place in HFH International's Youth Programs--"Building for the Future" Essay Contest)