Habitat for Humanity of the Indian Wells Valley
Ridgecrest, California

Willingness to Partner

Partner family members are those family members who sign the partnership agreement and their dependent children who are and will be living in the same household with the parents. The following factors will determine whether families are willing to partner with Habitat:


A family can be considered willing if:

  1. Family is a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident and a resident of the Indian Wells Valley.
  2. Took initiative to obtain and complete the application on time.
  3. Provide necessary documentation.
  4. Cooperate in home visit.
  5. Attend Habitat functions.
  6. Expressed desire to make this community their permanent home.
  7. Family is comfortable with credit and landlord reference evaluations.


A family can be considered willing if:

  1. Family participate in explanation of what Habitat is.
  2. Family knows it is responsible for care of home.


A family can be considered willing if:

  1. Family realizes the sweat-equity requirement and demands.
  2. Family realizes implications of a highly publicized program.
  3. Family realizes the implication of living in a community property state.
  4. Family realizes that it must make payments monthly without default.
  5. Family realizes an active relationship with Habitat before and after home ownership.
  6. Understands the requirements of Sweat Equity.