Habitat for Humanity of the Indian Wells Valley
Ridgecrest, California

Press Release

To the editor, Habitat would like to thank you for the wonderful Daily coverage that you have given us prior to our wall raising.! It has been amazing and we sincerely believe it will generate support and has helped get the people that assisted with the amazing 59 minute record wall raising and future construction. Habitat is an organization that changes lives. Hard-working people who would not be financially qualified for a traditional mortgage can help build their own homes with the assistance of volunteers. It is not a free house, they must work 500 hours on habitat houses including their own and they must pay a mortgage for the cost of materials and limited construction costs such as pouring the foundation and building fees. Habitat research has shown that children who have the opportunity to live in a house owned by their family are much more likely to graduate from high school and become self-supporting individuals. Habitat encourages good grades in school. Nearly all of the children that receive a habitat house graduate from high school, some go to college. They are proud of their house and are willing to work toward its completion. Habitat needs support from the community including money and individuals that are willing to help build the houses. We build every Saturday morning and flex Fridays beginning 8 am. Morning snacks and lunch are provided for the volunteers. To see photos and a time lapsed video of the latest wall raising or for more information about Habitat surf our website.

Margie Shultz