Habitat for Humanity of the Indian Wells Valley
Ridgecrest, California

Need for Adequate Shelter


Housing is considered inadequate if:

  1. Family and friends are unable to readily repair deficiencies and landlord is unwilling to complete necessary repairs.
  2. Heating and cooling system does not provide for healthy, comfortable and affordable living, and landlord is unwilling to make such provisions.
  3. Plumbing does not provide a continuous supply of safe water or a safe/sanitary method of sewage disposal.
  4. Electrical supply is not reliable or poses a threat to safety.
  5. Access to street, yard, parks or playgrounds is hazardous.
  6. Uncorrectable barriers to physically challenged family members exist.


Living area is inadequate if:

  1. In general, more than three family members share a bedroom.
  2. School-age children of opposite sex share a bedroom.
  3. Each family member has less than 100 square feet of space in which to live.
  4. The home does not have separate kitchen and living room.

Temporary Housing

Temporary housing is considered inadequate if:

  1. Family has tentative living arrangements with relatives or friends.
  2. Family is living in a transitional housing facility or a motel.
  3. Family is living in a house that is being condemned, sold, or moved.
  4. Family is losing its lease, certificate or voucher due to uncontrollable circumstances.
  5. Family is living in a car, tent or similar quasi-homeless situation.

Cost of housing

Present housing is considered inadequate if the family is paying more than 30% of its gross income for rent or house payment, including taxes and insurance. The 30% does not include utility and phone costs.

Unavailability of Conventional Financing.

A family can be considered to meet this criterion if the family is unable to obtain conventional financing from banks or other markets.