Habitat for Humanity of the Indian Wells Valley
Ridgecrest, California

Habitat Completes Another House Project

House Located at Oregon St.

United Methodist Church
As part of the Lois Landrum Memorial, the United Methodist Church raised enough money ($80,500) to build this Habitat home. Under the leadership of people like Pastor Rich LaShure and Louise Tankersley the church raised the funds in three short years starting in 2007. Additional help came from Church of Christ. To learn more about the church that supported this build, visit web site United Methodist Church.

Home Dedication for Kristene and Family, July, 2010

In October the founder of Habitat for Humanity IWV Bud Shull and his wife Dorothy interviewed Kristine and her children. The important change Kristine said of her new life as a homeowner is that she feels very grateful and takes more responsibility. Leandra and Timothy responded, "We can now play in a safe neighborhood, have friends over, and go for walks in the desert." They reported that their school work has improved. Leandra wrote that she is an honor student now. Timothy expressed that riding the bus made him feel safer. They also felt that they had more time to do their homework. They said, "We love our new home because it belongs to US and it makes mom happy."