Habitat for Humanity of the Indian Wells Valley
Ridgecrest, California

Another Habitat House Project Completed

Habitat House at Boston St.

What RV-Care-a-Vanner Barbara Wolfe had to say
For the next four days we transformed the little house on Boston St. Our guys dug holes and set the posts in concrete, added supporting cross boards and slats, constructing a beautiful wooden fence with two gates enclosing the backyard. Meanwhile, the girls washed and oiled kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, washed walls and light fixtures, masked everything imaginable in preparation for painting, and painted, and painted, and painted! At the end of day five we were almost done, our bodies were begging for rest, and in the morning we’d be heading home--all but Pete and Patty, who headed back to Boston St.

Home Dedication for Phu and Family, October, 2004

What RV-Care-a-Banner Barbara Wolfe had to say
The new homeowner was a non-English speaking Vietnamese woman, Phu, whose husband had recently abandoned her and his two daughters. Kim was a high school junior, who worked evenings at K-Mart, and 11-year-old Lisa had Downs syndrome and while she was in special education classes, her mother had a job folding clothing in a laundromat. Our Habitat team was so impressed by the love and grateful spirit of that family that the day before the dedication ceremony, we all chipped in and bought a big welcome mat for the front porch, nice towel sets and rugs for the bathrooms and curtains for the three bedrooms. Lisa loved pink so in her room we painted the lower walls to match her pink curtains and topped it with a whimsical flowered border. Kim spoke eloquently for her family at the dedication. Phu cried through the whole ceremony and Lisa giggled. There was the traditional ribbon cutting and the family toured the house. Phu was clueless as to what to do with a microwave oven, but the most precious moment was when Lisa discovered her room. Her severe speech impediment barred us from understanding her words, but there was no doubt she was excited. When she finally quit jumping and her spirit quieted she began feeling the border, needing to touch every flower. When Kim encouraged her to thank us, she stood motionless for a moment and then, out of ten women, she picked me to hug and kiss. It was almost like she sensed we had a common bond and I knew it was time to go home and cuddle my six-month-old grandson with Downs Syndrome.

After one year at the community college in Ridgecrest, Kim got a scholarship to UC Irvine so Phu and Lisa went too. Their house was rented out for three years before Habitat took it back to refurbish and sell to another needy family. This was the next assignment for the Terrific Twelve….